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We are attending IAAPA Expo Europe 2021

We are thrilled to announce that Creation Group is bringing the movement to IAAPA Expo Europe in Barcelona later this month. Together with our sister companies, we are creating a magnificent experience for everyone who comes to visit our two booths at the expo.

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Creation Group launches new, astonishing website

What a day it is for Creation Group!

Today marks the day that Creation Group launches a new, astonishing website. A website that resonates with the experiences that we constantly strive to bring to life for our customers and their customers as well.

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We celebrate Ole’s no. 100 fair

Ole Jacob Nielsen is one of our trusted and much loved employees here at Création Group. He has been with us for many years, so many that he now has reached his number 100 fair with us – that is amazing!

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10,000 enchanting Creation Group characters!

10,000 amazing characters.

Christmas is a busy time, and in connection with it, Carsten reached his 10,000 character. In order to reach such a significant number of produced characters for one man, you need to have worked at a company for a very long time, which Carsten has, as he has been with us for about 22 years.

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