We specialize in Christmas

Give your customers a reason to skip the online shopping by creating a magical Christmas experience that
brings generations together through an enchanting atmosphere.



Christmas Scenes

Create a spellbinding Christmas display with elves and Santa Claus himself. Let him read an enchanting Christmas story for the children in your store, or let him hang from the ceiling, in a lit up fir wreath, waving down at your customers.


…solutions with custom sound and figure control. Choose the control you want, either the sensor, footplate, button or rotating handle. Then choose the figures you want.
We combine the two products and ship them directly to you as a plug-and-play solution.


“Hello, and welcome to Création Group!”

Greet your visitors with an interactive sensor that gets activated by movement or let the young and the young at heart rotate the handle to activate Christmas music and movement of the figure.



“Run, run Rudolph, Santa’s got to make it to town

Happy smiles and sparkling amused eyes emerge when our different bands start to play!

Let the bands play all day long or make the experience interactive by choosing one of our interactivity solutions to active them.

We help you find the right setup for your animatronic and interactive band. 

We have the most amazing Christmas catalog for you!


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