Our products are handcrafted, made of quality components and generally they have a long life span. Our products are covered by a one-year guarantee on manufacturing defects. As a new option, Creationg Group A/S is now offering all customers to purchase extended guarantee on orders invoiced from 01/06/2013.

Normal Guarantee

Our Guarantee covers all evident defects in workmanship and defects in materials. Within the first year, Creation Group A/S will cover all expenses for the repair, including the arrangement and freight charges.

Extended Guarantee

If you or your customers want security on your investments, we provide longer guarantee to give you the comfort you need. We are provide up to four (4) years extended guarantee.

e.g. you can purchase one year extended guarantee at 6% of the normal NET price.

1 Year Guarantee

All our products are hand-crafted, made of quality components and have long life span. Our products are covered by a one-year guarantee on manufacturing defects. We are also providing extended guarantee options of up too (4) four years.

Our guarantee covers all evident defects in workmanship and defects in materials. It is a condition of the given guarantee, that the purchased figure or parts of it has not been maltreated which among other things, may result in breaks or the like, and that possible defects have only occurred while the product has been used as intended.

The guarantee/extended guarantee will be voided if:

  • the animated figure has been used outside
  • the free moving parts of the animated figure have been obstructed
  • the animated figure has been connected main outlet without the transformers
  • misuse of the animated figure
  • the factory applied serial number has been altered or removed from the product

If, contrary to expectations, difficulties should occur the customer should first contact Figur Animation A/S via email or via phone +45 5761 1573. In event of a defect in workmanship, one can arrange with Figur Animation A/S to return the figure to the manufacturer, provided that it is carefully packed.

Within the first year, we will cover all expenses for the repair, including the arrangement and freight charges within the European Union, Switzerland and Norway. If the animated figure breaks within the first year, we will do our best to  make the replacement of the non-working figure immediately, if possible.

In case we determine that the animated figure has been maltreated and therefore is not covered by the guarantee Figur Animation A/S reserves the right not to proceed with the repair works until the customer has accepted the repair costs. If the customer does not want to pay for the repair works of the maltreated figure it will be returned for the customer’s expense or destroyed upon the customer’s accept.

Animated figures returned between January and June will be fixed within 1-3 weeks after they have been received. Figures that are returned between July and December will be fixed within 1-6 weeks unless the figure is from the customers first season.

Extended Guarantee: The extended guarantee is a full guarantee with the same conditions as the 1 year guarantee except from the swop/replacement option.

The surcharges for extended guarantee for all article numbers – except the below mentioned are:

  • 1 year extra guarantee: 6% of the list price*
  • 2 years extra guarantee: 12% of the list price*
  • 3 years extra guarantee: 19% of the list price*
  • 4 years extra guarantee: 27% of the list price*

The extra guarantee must be ordered before the dispatch of the goods. The cost for the extended guarantee will be charged on the same invoice as the goods concerned. You are obligated to maintain the products as described in the service instructions provided by Figur Animation A/S.


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