A busy start of the year, thank you for being a part of it

It was a pleasure to see you all – both familiar and new faces – at Christmasworld and EuroShop 2023.


Being a company that supplies the Christmas industry most people think we can relax during the first couple of months of the year, however that is far from true, because despite what a lot of people might think, the largest Christmas fair in Europe, Christmasworld is held at the start of February. This means as soon as the Christmas season is over, we get ready to showcase new products at different fairs and discuss projects with our clients for the upcoming seasons of the year.  


Christmas is not the only season we work with and therefore we have also exhibited at EuroShop, which is the world’s trade fair no. 1. Here visitors of the fair had the pleasure to see our brand-new fairies which are part of our new scene Fairy Dust Village. This scene particularly attracted the attention of different garden centers. You also had the pleasure to see our different business figures including animatronic butchers and bakers.


At the first fairs of the year, we enjoyed many inspiring conversations and heard what you thought of our brand-new Penguin Band that was showcased at ChristmasWorld for the first time ever. Luckily you enjoyed their cute smile and dance moves. It is always a pleasure exhibiting and visiting Christmasworld to see the new trends of the year and hear how you like our new products, which we have put a lot of effort and hard work into creating for you. We are especially excited to see all the social media posts you upload from our stand. It brings us joy in knowing that our products catch your attention and fascinates you enough to post them on social media, as that is one of the actions our clients would like for their customers to do when they invest in animatronic figures for their business.


Some of the new faces we had the pleasure of seeing wanted their own touch on certain animatronic figures and therefore we would like to state that it is indeed possible to get your logo added to the figures or have the colors of the clothes changed to fit your brand identity, we can even change the skin color of the figures if you like. Let us know what you have in mind, and we will do our best to make it happen. Please get in touch right away, so we can make sure you get your desired animatronic figures in time.


At both Christmasworld and EuroShop, we exhibited alongside our sister company Universal Statues which produces all you can imagine in fiberglass including theming for all year. Their portfolio has expanded rapidly in the last couple of years, so whatever product you might want to enhance your themed experience with animatronic figures, they will most likely have it. If they do not have what your business desires, they can create anything you seek in durable fiberglass according to your wishes, just remember, when designing customized products, it takes a bit longer for you to receive the delivery, so get in touch already today, if this is something you are interested in. We here at Creation Group sell their products so if you want, we can send their product catalog for you and talk about the customized products you seek.


As a wrap up we would like to thank our hard-working team who worked tirelessly on setting up the stand and making sure it was inspiring for you all – your hard work and dedication were key in making the exhibitions a success. We would also like to thank you all for taking the time to stop by our stands and have a chat about your future projects and the themed experiences you are seeking to create to draw traffic to your business.

We look forward to seeing you all again for the upcoming fairs. 



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