Creation Group launches new, astonishing website


What a day it is for Creation Group!

Today marks the day that Creation Group launches a new, astonishing website. A website that resonates with the experiences that we constantly strive to bring to life for our customers and their customers as well. We aim at triggering the same emotions as our animatronic figures do.

For Linda Hauch Fenger, who is the passionate owner of Creation Group, the website launch is a proud moment. It marks the beginning of a new ambition level for Creation Group.

Linda has this to say about the new launch: “I sincerely hope to inspire you through our new, astonishing website, and that you get an experience filled with wonders, magic, and inspiration to how you can create magical moments for your customers.”

To demonstrate some of the feelings the showroom brings out in people, have a look at this video and see for yourself:

Play Video

Linda lastly ads: “I invite you to have a look at the newly launched website, and experience the world we have created for you.”

Linda Hauch Fenger




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