Come dance with our new animatronic raccoon band


Our interactive, funky, and large bands have always been popular. Our last addition to the product line is no exception. We introduce to you the Raccoon Band.

The raccoon band comes in three designs – so far

Up until now we have produced the Raccoon Band in three different designs:

This way you have something to choose from when picking the theme suiting your business. But creativity doesn’t stop here. If you have any special requests of theming that the Raccoon Band should reflect, we are open to all ideas and would love to strike up a dialogue with you about it.

A part of the Transworld’s Christmas & Halloween Show 2021 in St. Louis

Bryan Watkins, who owns the Christmas décor business Santa’s Helpers Design & Décor visited the MK Illumination USA booth at the Transworld’s Christmas & Halloween Show 2021 in St. Louis, which featured a range of our animatronic figurines, and he loved it!

Watch his video from on-site at the show in front of the Christmas Raccoon Band here:

Linda Hauch Fenger




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