Creation Group amazes people in a new magical showroom
Creation Group amazes people in new magical showroom


Creation Group is all about creating exceptional and magical experiences that tap into people’s emotions. Our animatronic figures are best experienced in real life and in the right settings and environments.

Therefore, we are delighted to reveal to you our new and magical universe, where our animatronic figures together with our business partners’ statues and light products are displayed and can be experienced with grace, wonder, and amazement.

The owner of Creation Group, Linda Hauch Fenger is so happy about the outcome of the showroom, and has this to say about it: “I enjoy so much having new guests in the showroom. It is a delight seeing their faces light up as they first enter the showroom, and as they move through it. It is a really joyful feeling to experience every single time.”

Some weeks back, we had a business partner visiting the showroom, and his first comment as he was looking around, was “WOW! I have been in many showrooms through the years, but I have never been in a showroom this impressive out-of-this-world!”. His comment says it all, our showroom truly is something else.

It is in our DNA

Our whole existence is based on experiences, wonder, magic, and amazement. We live for moments like these, and we constantly go the extra thousands of miles to make that shine through in everything we do. And the showroom is no exception!

Do you want to visit us, and experience the showroom for yourself? Linda would be thrilled to have you and to give you a personalized, guided tour.


Please contact Linda using the below information:


Phone number and WhatsApp: +45 20 77 92 94


Where is the showroom located?

We have our headquarters in Ringsted, Denmark, and this is also where the showroom is located.

Fluebæksvej 190
4100 Ringsted

Linda Hauch Fenger




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