Animatronic Halloween displays


Halloween is no longer just an all-American season. Every year the Halloween season is winning more and more ground all over Europe.

The consumers are living it in greater style, and the different industries are creating greater Halloween displays and experiences for their customers and guests – everyone trying to outdo each other.

The amusement parks are front runners

Under the same roof as us, our sister company MK Themed Attractions are these days experiencing that the amusement parks and theme parks in Europe are investing heavily in Halloween displays, and more are requesting to integrate animatronic figures alongside lights, statues, and interactivity.

The goal is to make the visitors and guests feel the experience, and if you can get them to dream about it at night: mission accomplished.

We have asked the Theming Manager, Lars Nielsen from MK Themed Attractions to give his insight into why the amusement and theme parks have seen this light in Halloween displays, and what it brings to the table by integrating animatronic figures:

“Just this week, I had several inquiries from the amusement park on how we can create a moving Halloween display. In one of the examples, we are currently talking about creating customized and scary, yet children-friendly, animatronic figures for the display, which also include several light elements, statues, and effects. The animatronic figures bring the beforementioned movement into the display. The movement is almost magical to look at – especially in combination with the other elements.” Lars then adds, “In another example, we are talking about how to create a display and at the same time how to be cost-efficient, because let’s face it; corona. These talks have resulted in standardized high-quality Halloween statues produced in a cost-efficient way. And there are more ongoing talks similar to these two.”

This tells us that even though Christmas is our roots and cornerstone, we are upscaling to other seasons, just like Halloween. It makes our selection of products and experiences diverse and unique.

Linda Hauch Fenger




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