Halloween Pre-sale with discount and unique opportunity


Purchase before the 28th of April 2023 and get 10% discount or more on our Halloween products. Besides the discount you can choose from the entire catalog until the 28th of April. After this date, the catalog will be reduced to only contain products we have in stock, and you will no longer be able to choose all you desire for your Halloween experience. 

Halloween is truly getting popular all over the world. You do not just see the spooktacular experience at theme parks but also at events in shopping malls, garden centers and the streets and town squares of cities. Everyone loves experiences, and Halloween is a perfect event for you to create an atmosphere or event where customers and guests can fight their inner demons or have a good excuse to eat lots of sweets – and perhaps prank someone?

Have a look at our brand-new Halloween pre-order catalog.  

How do you create a perfect Halloween event?  

It is all about setting the mood and deciding on the feelings that your customers or guests should experience. If you seek a more child friendly experience, you can choose our goofy looking pumpkin farm animals that aspires to the youngest in the family. If you want to give your customers true chills, then create a spooky Halloween event with creepy clowns or a two meters tall werewolf. Besides creating the right feeling make sure to create competitions such as “The best dressed get a free toy” or what fits your brand.

How do you make your Halloween interactive with fiberglass- and animatronic figures? 

Are you familiar with Photopoints? It is a place in your experience that is designed solely for the purpose of getting your customers and guests to take pictures.  Photopoints are designed to make your guest or customers to interact with your experience.

Another way to make your experience interactive is to add an interactive rotating handle to your Animatronic Halloween scene such as the “Never Ending Train Ride”, it is fun and can let your guests and customers activate some of the animatronic figures in your experience. You can also add a push button to your Halloween experience and e.g. make the train from the “Never Ending Train Ride” howl and shout “All aboooard!”.  

What works?  

When our clients utilize the power of storytelling on the Halloween products they have invested in, in e.g. their marketing campaign, the products and Halloween experience are brought to life and not only give you a tune to tap into but it also gives your customers and guests an attachment and understanding of the experience before they experience it.

Some stories for inspiration  

We are always ready to have a chat about what products fit the experience you seek to create if you need some inspiration. If you just seek to order some amazing looking skeletons for decoration, we will help with that too. For those of you who want to add a story to your Halloween experience we have some pre-written stories you can utilize or use as inspiration. We have the story about Igor who is the reason you fear the cemeteries after nightfall and the story about a dark rider calling for revenge on Halloween.

What now?  

Now you place your order before the 28th of April 2023, and get 10% discount or more and the exact Halloween products you want. Order by sending us an email at info@us-cg.dk or call us at +45 5761 1573.



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