10,000 enchanting Creation Group characters!


10,000 amazing characters.

Christmas is a busy time, and in connection with it, Carsten reached his 10,000 character. In order to reach such a significant number of produced characters for one man, you need to have worked at a company for a very long time, which Carsten has, as he has been with us for about 22 years.

Due to Carsten’s many years with us, he has a lot of stories to tell. But when we asked him what he was most proud of, he had to say “Our Polar Bear Band”.

“It was new and exciting and I had to create a new technique that would make the band dance and play synchronised to any desired music.” One of the reasons this is one of his favourite characters, is also because it became a best seller.

We value his excessive expertise that is used every day he creates our enchanting Création Group characters.

The great knowledge Carsten represents has been turned into our bestseller this year, which is our Santa & Reindeer Band

Linda Hauch Fenger




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