A modern Hipster Christmas

There are many ways to create animated Christmas decorations. You can chose traditional animated figures or you can showcase modern moving Christmas figures, such as our Hipster Mice, that is actually designed to work all year around.

A trusted client of ours wanted to present their shopping mall visitors with an extraordinary and very different Christmas – a modern Hipster Christmas.

Our Hipster Mice with Christmas tattoos up their arms were used to create, a complete hipster themed city with shops fitting the story of each Hipster Mice – In the city were a tailor’s shop, a tattoo shop and a barber shop.

The intensified feeling of the animated Christmas decoration was created by lots of lights hanging from the ceiling, including lit up pinecones. Large beds designed as books, strengthened the vision of the Christmas display, being a story told to the children at the shopping mall.

See amazing pictures of the project, where our animated figures, designed as Hipster Mice, have their own world.

Location:  Rødovre Centrum

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