Interactive solutions

…solutions with custom sound and figure control. Choose the control you want, either the sensor, footplate, button or rotating handle.
Then choose the figures you want.

We combine the two products and ship them directly to you as a plug-and-play solution.

Interactive foot plate 00007-T

Step on the plate to activate!

This foot plate is an activation system that is triggered by weight, so when someone steps on this plate it will automatically start the movement and music of the display. 

Make your themed display come to life with our interactive items

“Hello and welcome to Création Group!”
Greet your visitors with an interactive sensor that
gets activated by movement or let the young and
the young at heart rotate the handle to activate
Christmas music and movement of the figure.

What is possible?
Any of our figures and scenes can be activated using various interactive solutions. Choose between a rotating handle, a push button or a plate switch.

Console for figure 0005-T

A console with handle that can active sound and movement on the figure. 

Rotate the handle to active the figures!


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